Ash Ketchum is the Worst Pokemon Trainer Ever

It’s the authors fault for not making Ash dream come true. LMAO!

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“I wanna be the very best,” the song says. Unfortunately, for more than 15 years now, Ash Ketchum has been doing everything in his power to prove that’s not true.

Maybe that’s unnecessarily harsh. Ash is only a 10-year-old, after all, and he can’t control the awful hand that the writers of the show have dealt him. But after his most recent failing in the Unova Pokemon League, it’s time to document the journey of one Ash Ketchum and where it all went wrong.

ash ketchum Silly Ash! You can’t tap that!


Ash stumbles through his first season as a rookie trainer with an out-of-control Pikachu, a cute friend who won’t leave him alone about her destroyed bike, a friend with no eyes who hits on everything that moves, and a trio that constantly follows him and tricks the group with cheap disguises. This is all well and good. Unfortunately…

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